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Aethero designs and manufactures high-performance, space-rated computers for platforms ranging from the smallest CubeSat to large space stations. The company's platform support includes individual, multiple redundant or distributed (ECM) Edge Computing Modules to distributed (HPC) High Performance Computing clusters designed to allow for the Capturing, Processing and Management of data in the Aether.

Aethero is leveraging standard architectures such as the CubeSat or PC104 framework, state-of-the-art radiation-hardened commercial components, and modern software operating systems to provide a high performance, highly capable single board computers, or multiple redundant or distributed computing configurations. The versatile architecture means that the system can be used for a variety of applications such as Autonomous Spacecraft Operation, Machine Vision Operations such as [VPS] Visual Positioning Systems or Optical Navigation, Imagery Processing ([UV/EO/IR] Ultraviolet/Electro-Optical/Infrared, [MSI] Multi-Spectral, [HSI] Hyperspectral, [SAR] Synthetic Aperture Radar, [LIDAR] Light Detection and Ranging, [TIR] Thermal Infrared), [RF] Radio Frequency Signal Processing such as Link-Budget Optimization, Video/Image processing such as Manipulation or Segmentation, Object Detection with Classification, [AI] Artifical Intelligence/[ML] Machine Learning Applications, [SDR] Software Defined Radio, Data Compression/Management, etc.

Hardware Progression

More efficient manufacturing nodes along with more optimized domain specific processor designs have allowed Aethero's Edge Computing Modules to become miniaturized and far more powerful while having an overall lower power consumption.

Smart Software

New optimized AI/ML software technologies have unlocked a world of opportunities for more capability than ever before from Aethero's Edge Computing Modules. From daily monitoring of targeted areas to real-time weather data over hundreds of square kilometers, Aethero Edge Processing is the way to go.

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Available Expansion Modules on the NxN

Aethero's onboard software includes a thin, headless system containing a minimal set of packages and tools needed to boot the system. The onboard system will allow you to run containerized applications and will provide services such as [OTA] Over the Air software updating. The OTA testing or updating and fleet management or system level testing is accessed through Aethero's unified Aether Software. We provide an automated framework for platform testing; it includes support for the Hardware, [BSPs] Board Support Packages and Software - this allows users to develop, debug and test multi-node device systems reliably, scalably and effectively.

Users can use Aethero’s AMATDT (Automated Model Annotation, Training & Deployment Tool) that is integrated within the Aether Software to customize models deployed on Aethero’s Edge Computing Modules. Current imagery support includes RGB, Multispectral, and Hyperspectral data.

Build: Choose the model you want by selecting different flags for different objects the models can process, you can combine multiple flags. If we do not offer it, use Aethero's customization tool to add it instead!

Sync: Easily test, update and deploy software as well as board support packages seamlessly over the air across the range of Aethero Edge Computing Modules and platforms.

Experiment: Receive high value, frequent time series AI/ML edge processed space data from Aethero Edge Computing Modules offering unprecedented nearly instant abilities to gather actionable and operational insights.

Learn: Combine and manage multiple data inputs from Aethero Edge Computing Modules across various platforms as well as combine the data with other sources to achieve multi-modal AI/ML outputs.

Aethero AMATDT (Automated Model Annotation, Training & Deployment Tool)

Aethero AMATDT (Automated Model Annotation, Training & Deployment Tool)

Aethero Computer Vision Model Edge Processing

Aethero Computer Vision Model Edge Processing


Optimize insurance and assess potential risks.



Our insights enable farmers to produce more from every acre planted.



Optimize pricing, track neighborhood growth, and monitor new construction.



Detect early-stage problems and inspect assets and infrastructure through persistent monitoring.

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